Installation and documentation

This site is being slowly upgraded as we revise our rpm's for CentOS 6 and OpenVZ ploop containers. Screenshots.

Major changes underway for Docker and KVM VM support.

We are finally moving to modern GitHub based git workflow.

This said...

Get our software anyway

Download all of our software source

# git clone https://github.com/unxs0/unxsVZ.git

SVN is being slowly phased out

# svn export http://openisp.net/public-svn/unxsVZ/trunk unxsVZ
# svn co https://venus.openisp.net/public-svn/unxsVZ/trunk unxsVZ

How to setup your own unxsVZ private cloud overview



How to build db0 server from centos-6-x86_64-devel OpenVZ container

How to build web0 server from centos-6-x86_64-devel OpenVZ container

How to finish integrating your hardware nodes into unxsVZ

OneLogin images of unxsVZ responsive smartphone centric user web portal